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  • SR EN 1997-1 / 2004 Eurocode 7: Geotechnical design. Part 1: General
    SR EN 1997-2 / 2008-Eurocode 7: Geotechnical design. Part 1: Investigation and soil testing


  • AND 614/2014: Guidelines to prepare documentation for geotechnical roads, expressways and motorways
  • NP 074/2014: "Standard on geotechnical construction documentation"
  • NP 112-2014 : "Norms regarding structural design of direct foundation"
  • NP120-2006: Regulatory requirements on the design and execution of deep excavations in urban areas
  • NP 122-2010: “Norm on determining property values and calculation of geotechnical parameters”
  • NP 123-2010:"Standard on the geotechnical design of foundations on piles"
  • NP125:2010: “Standard on building foundations on soils susceptible to wetting"
  • NP126:2010: “Standard on building foundations on soils with high swelling and shrinkage”
  • P 100-1/2013: “Seismic Design Code - Part 1 - Design provisions for buildings”
  • TS – MLPAT 1994  „Indicator estimate norms and catalog for earthworks”
  • P125-1984: Technical Guidelines for the Study of necoezive liquefiable  Soil
  • C159-1989: Technical Instructions for the foundation soil research method cone penetration, penetration static, dynamic penetration, vibropenetration


  • SR EN ISO 14688-1:2004. Geotechnical investigation and testing. Identification and classification of soil. Part 1: Identification and Description
  • SR EN ISO 14688-2:2005. Geotechnical investigation and testing. Identification and classification of soil. Part 2: Principles for a classification
  • SR 3414-1994.Geology, geology and geotechnical engineering. Maps, sections and columns. Indices, colors, prosigns
  • STAS 6054-77. Subsoil. The maximum depth of frost. Zoning Romania
  • STAS 3950-1981. Geotechnical. Terminology, symbols and units of measure
  • STAS 1242/2-1983. Subsoil. Geological and geotechnical research and technical specific railway routes, roads and highways
  • STAS 1242/3-1987. Soil foundation. Research by surveys 
  • STAS 1242/4-1985. Soil foundation. Research geotechnical drillings carried out in soils
  • STAS 1242/8-1975. Soil foundation. Principles of  geophysical researchand electrometrical methods 
  • STAS 1709/1-90. Frost depth in complex road
  • STAS 1913/1-1982. Foundation soil. Humidity determination
  • STAS 1913/2-1976. Foundation soil. Skeleton Soil density determination 
  • STAS 1913/3-1976.Foundation soil. Soil density determination
  • STAS 1913/4-1986.Foundation soil. Determining the limits of plasticity
  • STAS 1913/5-1985.Foundation soil. determination of grain
  • STAS 1913/12-1988. Foundation soil. Determination of free swelling
  • STAS 2914-84.Roadworks. Excavation. General technical conditions
  • STAS 3300/1-1985.Foundation soil. General principles of calculation
  • STAS 3300/2-1985. Foundation soilCalculation of foundation soil in the case of direct fundation.
  • STAS 4606/80. Agregate naturale grele pentru betoane si mortare cu lianti minerali. Metode de incercare. (continut de impuritati)
  • STAS 7107/1-76. Foundation soil. Determination of organic materials
  • STAS 7107/3-74. Foundation soil. Determination of carbon content
  • STAS 8942/2-1982.Foundation soil. Determination of resistance to shear through direct shear soils
  • STAS 8942/6-1976. Foundation soil. Uniaxial compressive on soils
  • SR EN 196/2-2013. Methods of testing cement. Part 2: Chemical analysis of cement (concrete aggression)
  • SR EN 933-9/A1: 2013, NF P94-068. Tests for geometrical properties of aggregates. Part 9: Assessment of fines. Trying methylene blue.
  • SR EN 1097/2-2010. Tests for mechanical and physical properties of aggregates. Part 2: Methods for determining resistance to crushing (Los Angeles method)
  • SR EN ISO 10390/2015. Soil quality. Determining pH. (Aggressiveness ground)
  • SR EN 12390 / 6-2010. Testing hardened concrete. By splitting tensile specimens.
  • SR EN ISO 14689-1: 2004. Geotechnical investigation and testing. The name and classification of rocks. Part 1: Name and Description
  • SR EN ISO 22475-1 / 2007.Cercetari and geotechnical testing. Sampling and measurement standpipes. Part 1: Principles of execution
  • SR EN 22475-2 / 2009. Geotechnical investigations and trials. Methods of sampling and measurement of groundwater. Part 2: Qualification criteria for companies and personal
  • SR CEN ISO / TS 22475 / 3-2009. Geotechnical investigations and trials. Methods of sampling and measurement of groundwater. Part 3: Conformity assessment and personnel by a third party


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